Why Is Summer Learning So Important?

26 May Why Is Summer Learning So Important?

Contrary to popular belief summer shouldn’t only be about taking a break and getting away from school. In fact this lack of academic stimulation could be detrimental to a child’s educational progress and compound existing problems come the next school year.

Combating the effects of this academic hiatus doesn’t need to take on drastic measures but merely little nudges and refreshers to maintain a mental engagement within a child throughout the year. Summer break is a chance to change things up, from traditional classroom style teaching to one-on-one learning and coaching could be the difference that allows your child to get ahead and be better prepared for the school year.

The NSLA tackles the issue in “Why Summer Matters” and identifies that over 60% of the achievement gap in 9th graders can be due to a lack of summer learning. Give your child the best opportunity to retain knowledge, strengthen their understanding and prepare for new information as they brave the lengthy summer months. Here’s to learning this summer!