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Our full day program is designed for children with mild to moderate attention and learning differences and multiple related learning issues. We take a mindful approach to your child’s education, providing targeted one-to-one intervention, standards-based small group instruction, social skills development, speech and occupational therapy, and balanced enrichment all under one roof. Children who are struggling in their current academic setting benefit from our creative approach.

At Pacific Point we assess each child to develop and implement an individualized program specifically for that child. Students are instructed within one-to-one tutorial sessions. A modified curriculum follows the Common Core State Standards, where standards are selected according to the intellectual needs of the student.

An integral part of our full day program is the social component. We understand that working and learning with others is extremely important for school-age students. While one-to-one academic instruction is needed, forming effective social skills with peers is of equal importance for the development of the whole child.

In between one-to-one instruction, our full day program includes enrichment. Students participate in yoga, art and technology classes, lunch and physical education together. During these social breaks, children have fun and establish effective communication skills while enjoying small group interaction with their friends.

Special Education Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Parents, Specially Trained Interventionists, Educational Therapists

One-to-One Instruction

Psycho-educational and neuro-psychological assessments guide us in the development of an individualized academic, therapeutic program for every child. Students are instructed in a one-to-one setting that is adapted to fit their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Small to Group Instruction

In a small group setting, students have the chance to establish effective communication skills and are able to find their voice among their peers. This approach promotes individual differences and interpersonal development. It actively involves students in their learning, and gives opportunites for valuable, personal feedback.

Social Skills Instruction

Forming effective social skills is crucial to the development of the whole child. We devote effective, daily instructional time to teach each child about expected behaviors, how to recover from an unexpected behavior, and how to use expressive language to form and maintain positive relationships with peers and adults.