From Our Founder

From Our Founder



Six years ago, after learning much about both public and private education, I set out to find a school that was intentionally small, highly personalized, nurturing and focused on the whole child. While I sought something innovative and based on leading research, more than anything I yearned for a school that would engage its students in a lifelong love of learning and self-knowledge.


My interest in individualized education came from my experience parenting my two children. I learned the best way to educate a child greatly depends on the child you are educating. While my daughter flourished in a large, traditional classroom, my son required more support and individualized attention to access his full potential. A small, personalized, strengths-based approach was what I hoped to find. And because I could not find it in any existing school, my work began.


In creating the school I had envisioned, I searched far and wide to find the best teachers, specialists, life skills counselors and school administrators. As I rolled out my ideas, the response and level of interest I received from the educational community was tremendous. It became clear that many professional educators shared my desire to build a cutting edge micro-school with a focus on individualized attention. Riding this wave of support, I realized my dream in the fall of 2011 as we opened the doors to Pacific Point Academy and Learning Center in Santa Monica, California.


As I developed the framework for Pacific Point Academy, I worked with leading innovators and specialists in the field of education. I learned that a critical area of need for most students was individualized pacing. Even at independent schools, students who have a gap in one area but are ahead in others don’t have the opportunities they need to close their gaps and develop their strengths each and every day. As the years pass, the gaps widen and the strengths are stifled. At Pacific Point Academy, using research-based assessments performed consistently throughout the school year, we constantly adjust our curriculum and pace, keeping our students appropriately stimulated and challenged. Pacific Point Academy employs a highly individualized, nurturing and cutting edge approach to help its students exploit their natural talents and develop the skills they need to become successful citizens of the world.


I invite you to call or visit to see how special we are! We look forward to assisting you in helping your child find success and reach his or her full potential.



Debbie Shaler Williams
Founder / Executive Director