About Our Board

About Board of Directors

Pacific Point Academy’s Board of Directors is a governing body of five members of the business community and 4 parent constituents of the academy. Board members are selected by the president of the Board of Directors for their commitment to excellence and for their shared vision of the academy: to meet the academic and social needs of students with learning challenges in a creative and supportive environment.


The purpose of Pacific Point Academy and Learning Center’s Board of Directors is to effectively allocate resources, set policy, and direct and support the academy’s head. The Board works on behalf of Pacific Point’s students, parents, staff, and community by engaging in a process of continuous improvement that results in the accomplishment of the academy’s goals.

Board of Directors

Debbie Shaler-Williams
Founder / Board Chair
Pacific Point Academy & Learning Center

Joanie Martin
Crossroads Elementary School 1987-2016

Chayim Frenkel
Kehillat Israel

Andy Wexler
Pali Entertainment

Jacques Stambouli
Via Trading Corporation

Meredith Weiner

Richard Sinaiko
Sinaiko Healthcare Consulting

Laura Klein
Klein Real Estate

Alison Bartman
Education Liaison

Advisory Board

Dr. Lev Gottlieb

Jonathan Moonves

Del Shaw Moonves
Tanaka Finkelstein & Lecano Law Corporation

Alan Yellin

Jane DuBovy
A2Z Educational Advocates